About Eagle Strategies LLC

Financial Planning

Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser, offers an objective approach to financial planning. The strategies we recommend will be customized to address your personal circumstances and objectives. You may choose to work with one of our Financial Advisers who has been authorized to offer financial planning services on a more comprehensive basis, or limit the scope and focus to your plan and address just a few planning concepts.

Investment Advisory Services

Eagle Strategies LLC offers a numnber of fee-based asset management programs, helping to ensure that our interets are aligned with yours, protecting and growing your investments.

Through our asset management partnerships with third party money managers, client of Eagle Strategies have access to separately managed and fund advisory accounts.

Our programs provide quarterly performance reports and consolidated statements, ongoing monitoring and a comprehensive annual fee based upon a percentage of assets under management. Other miscellaneous charges may apply.


Visit the Eagle Strategies website to learn more about services offered.



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