Financial Planning

Financial Planning* isn’t complicated when done correctly.

We strive to make the planning process easy and empowering. If you ask a friend “What does a financial advisor do? What is a financial plan?” you will likely get an answer that has something to do with investments, but a real financial plan includes much more.

Our goal is to listen, educate, and guide our clients in making informed financial decisions based on their values.

A real plan starts with goals and values. What do you want in life? What are you trying to accomplish? These goals are the stepping-stones to mapping a healthy financial strategy.

Values + Guidance = Empowerment

Circumstances may change over time, so a financial plan needs to have flexibility to adjust accordingly.

A financial plan may have both short and long-term goals that require independent strategies. Additionally, we incorporate methods to mitigate disability, premature death, and investment downturns.

When necessary, we collaborate with other important advisors, such as attorneys, CPAs, and real estate brokers to ensure our clients are fully prepared for life’s expected and unexpected challenges.

*Financial planning services offered through Eagle Strategies LLC, a registered investment adviser and a New York Life Company.